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Revolutionary Down

Pioneered by Berghaus, Hydrodown™ is a revolutionary new take on nature’s greatest insulator.

Whether you're bedding down on damp ground or climbing in less than perfect conditions, this breakthrough technology from Berghaus keeps you and your kit dry, warm, comfortable and light.

By treating goose down with a durable water repellent (DWR), we’ve created a material that resists rain longer, dries quicker, and retains its insulation even when it’s damp. And just like untreated down, it has amazing warmth-to weight ratio which no synthetic alternative has come close to matching.

Developed with extensive input from our athletes, Hydrodown™ technology has been tested in some of the most extreme temperatures all over the globe.
Here’s what our athletes say about the products that use Hydrodown™ technology.

“Whatever Berghaus have done to the down works. My sleeping bag became damp and cold but the Ramche down jacket held its loft and just kept going. I can't speak highly enough of it.”
Mick Fowler on the Ramche Down Jacket.

“Unbelievably warm, unbelievably light, and with superb drying qualities.”
Julia Pickering on the Ilam Down Jacket..

Key features

Natural down – without the downsides

Just like untreated down, Hydrodown™ is compressible for easy packing, breathable, and has that amazing warmth-to-weight ratio that no synthetic alternative has come close to matching. But it also boasts three amazing attributes that you won’t find in natural goose down:

1. Repels moisture.
Every cluster of Hydrophobic Down undergoes innovative water-repellent treatment, so it absorbs significantly less water, keeping you dry and your kit light.

2. Retains loft.
Hydrophobic Down’s specially treated clusters of high fill-power goose down won’t collapse in wet conditions – so it retains its ‘loft’ and keeps you warm.

3. Recovers fast.
Unlike regular down, which becomes matted and loses insulation when it rains, Hydrodown™ dries out quickly. Tests show that it recovers 80 per cent of its loft, even after three minutes fully immersed in water. So with Hydrodown™ in your kit, you can keep on going – even after a storm.

Developed in the lab and tested in the field by leading athletes, Hydrodown™ has you covered –whatever kind of adventure you live for.

You can explore more about the Hydrodown™ collection including what challenges it was designed to meet, how it was tested and what our athletes thoughts at MtnHaus.com.

  1. 1 | Men's Ramche Jacket

    The Men's Ramche 850 Fill HydroDown™ Jacket was designed and developed by our MtnHaus® team, with extensive input from athlete Mick Fowler who put it to test during his successful ascent of Mugu Chuli in the Himalayas.

  2. 2 | Women’s Ilam Jacket

    The Ilam Hydrodown™ jacket features two distinct warmth zones that maximise the body’s natural heat generation and loss principle, keeping you warm and comfortable in the most extreme of outdoor conditions.

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