Men's C7 Pro Series 70+10 Rucsac

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Women's C7 1 Series 60+10 Rucsac

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Back system that moves with the body

The BioFlex® back system is our award winning rucsac innovation which bends, twists and pivots with your body while you are moving. This means the load you are carrying stays close to your centre of gravity giving effective load transfer at all times.

The one handed ratchet adjustment allows the back system to be fitted perfectly to your back and can be quickly adjusted or released at just the push of a button.

A pivot and vertical slide combination within the BioFlex® technology allows for anatomically correct pivoting, flexing and twisting.

This means that you have an easily adjustable rucsac that will work hard to keep you comfortable.

  1. 1 | Men's C7 Pro Series 70+10 Rucsac

    This innovative, high-performance, 70L + 10L capacity rucsac is easily adjusted and has an improved fit and carry-comfort is easily adjusted and has an improved fit and carry comfort.

  2. 2 | Women's C7 1 Series 60+10 Rucsac

    Flex, twist and turn on your hike and thanks to Berghaus unique BIOFLEX® Back System, the Women’s C7 1 Series 60+10 Rucsac will move with you.

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