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MtnHaus - Testing & Challenge

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Committed to the core

MtnHaus brings together key areas of Berghaus to address specific challenges, with each area contributing their extensive knowledge and experience to create products that deliver against tough expectations.

Delivering products that meet the needs of the toughest environments is exceptionally difficult and tests the skills of our MtnHaus team every time.


"Testing for MtnHaus products is extensive – testing takes longer and is more thorough giving exceptional insight and refinement."

Only once a product has passed the stringent in house tests is it then sent out into the field to be tested for over 200 hours by a team of expert testers to ensure it is up to the job.


Our Senior Designer James Hodgson heads up the MtnHaus team of talented designers and garment technicians. James works closely with our athlete team and mountain guides to understand the limitations of current products and develop clothing which can cope with their demanding requirements.


MtnHaus products will be used in the toughest environments in the world. The first stage in preparing our products for the rigours they face is hundreds of hours of testing in our in-house lab, headed up by a dedicated team of material developers and technologists.
MtnHaus fabrics that enter the lab need to pass through a host of stringent quality tests including tests for; waterproofness, abrasion, resistance, breathability, colour fastness, tear strength and more.

The extended testing and development of MtnHaus products means producing multiple prototypes. Our dedicated sample room produce high specification products throughout the testing process to allow complete refinement of the final product.


Testing by our team of athletes is key. Without their constant feedback and testing we would not be able to advance the technology in our products.
The experiences of climber and BASE jumper Leo Houlding were instrumental in the development of key MtnHaus™ products from the SS11 season's collection.

Leo used the Mount Asgard Smock as a prototype on the 2009 Asgard Project. It took over 18 months in the making and 28 prototypes, working with Leo every step of the way, before he put it to the ultimate test on Mount Asgard.


Mick Fowler was also key in testing out the first products to come out of our new MtnHaus team and used the products during his 2010 four week expedition to the Chinese Tien Shan range.