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The Ultimate Trail

In September 2013, Philippe and Anna Gatta embarked on a hugely ambitious adventure – to run the high route of the Great Himalaya Trail. Philippe aimed to cover the full 1,700km route in just 40 days, while Anna planned to run 670km of the trail with her husband and provide essential logistical support for the rest of his run. Philippe’s objective had never been achieved before and, in the end, he was unable to complete it in 2013. However, he and Anna did have a major adventure across the roof of the world.


The Great Himalaya Trail extends for 1,700km and includes over 88km of vertical gain. The route includes many passes at an altitude higher than 5,000m and two that are at 6,200m, and it navigates through some of the highest mountains in the world, including Everest, Makalu and Kangchenjunga.


Philippe and Anna were fully aware that the weather window for the expedition was very small and their bodies would pay a high price for running a mountain marathon everyday in remote, dangerous conditions.


The reality of the expedition included sickness, rats eating equipment, life threatening danger and most difficult of all cyclone Phailin which combined to make a fascinating trip that showed bravery, adaptability and persistence – a true adventure.


Philippe worked closely with Berghaus to develop ground breaking kit that would help him travel light and fast, keeping his pack weight under 10kg, including the world’s lightest waterproof jacket.


Read the full story!

Take a look at Philippe’s updates from the trail for the full inspiring story. Click on the image below to read more.



Essential Products

Due to the nature of Philippe's adventure his equipment needed to be as light as possible but also had to stand up to some of the harshest conditions in the Himalaya. 


VapourLight Hyper Smock

Developed with Philippe the Hyper Smock is the world’s lightest waterproof jacket at just 110g for a size large.



VapourLight HyperTherm

With a pack weight of just 10kg Philippe’s kit had to be light and versatile so we developed this reversible mid layer that has differing warmth properties depending on how it is worn.



Hyper 37 Rucksack

Tailored to the needs of multiday races Philippe used this as his main pack during his expedition – it even survived being eaten by rats.



Vapour Claw

Completing the Vapour collection is our performance running shoe designed for single track trail grip and security underfoot.