21 December, 2012

OMG It’s today!!!

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OMG It’s today!!!

Location: Table View, Cape Town, South Africa, 33˚51′29″S, 18˚39′41″E

Temperature: 34˚C, Partly Cloudy, SE 2 knots

Don’t know how I feel, part relived, part stressed, part nervous, part excited, part disbelief, part harsh reality!

But mainly unbelievably psyched that this is finally happening, at 11pm tonight the boys and I depart for QUEEN MAUD LAND !!!

It began in the Arctic with the Asgard Project, took us through the Never Never Land that is Yosemite and up The Prophet, onto the Lost World of Autana deep in the Amazon and now it leads us to the last great wilderness, Antarctica!

What an amazing journey, what an exceptional crew, what awe-inspiring landscapes, what excellent adventures.

Got a feeling this one is going to be tough.You must be careful what you wish for but honestly I genuinely hope that save for frostbitten extremities or serious accidents, we are pushed further and harder than ever before, get our arses kicked and a spirits near broken, and come back in one piece, friendships intact with a kick arse movie, some more truly epic tales and hopefully another elusive summit under our belts!

Just heard from the Russians that the day after we are due to be dropped off in base camp a 3 day storm is forecast.Looks like we’ll be straight in to the action, Gulp!
The anticipation is about to come to an end, after years of dreaming, and a lot of planning, we are about to fly to Antarctica. The good news is we have everything we need,the bad  a storm is going to greet us! We should have time to dig ourselves into a bomber camp, and then the first real test……

I’m not sure how I feel about this! Part of me is looking forward to seeing what this place has, the rest of me is scared of what it might have. It’s unlikely this will be the only bad weather we will face , so it’s to be hoped we take it in our stride, is this Antarctica flexing its muscles before unleashing a beating, or is it a warning shot designed to gain some respect!

After today, the anticipation will be gone, I’ll know what it’s like! By next week I will have weathered my first southern storm. Then it’s time to climb. Oh well here we go again.

The butterflies are churning today!  We spent our final afternoon in Capetown taking in the sights of Table Mountain, wearing flip flops and shorts in scorching heat.  Not going to be seeing that for a while.

One final packing rush, making sure chargers, phones, cameras, passports etc are sorted and packed away and we are off, dashing to the airport.  In a couple hours we’ll be aboard the Russian cold war transport Ilyushin 76 heading south to Novo base and the great white south.

Morale is high with the troops, we are absolutely psyched for this trip.  I can’t wait to actually see Ulvetanna in person after these months of planning.  Like Leo & Jas said, looks like we’ll get there just in time for a significant storm.  Looks as if it might be a white Christmas after all!

Over and out

Here we go, about to head as far south as you can go, the anticipation has been mounting in me.  We’re going from 35 degrees to minus 35 and a storm for our arrival…..what a start! I want to get it all started and no doubt will have many moments in the next 5 weeks when i want it to be over!
The B team!

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  1. OMG!!! Really a storm. Hope you get through this macarbe,gruesome storm without injuries.Did you enjoy the movie? It’s mint isn’t it?

    Rangel Metodiev Westfield Community School

    Rangel Metodiev

  2. Good luck to you and your team my butterflies are raising as well because we are going to be following your progress 8D!

    Callum Rutter Westfield Community School

  3. Leo looks like it is a white christmas for you and your team.But you can still do it

    Ben westfeild community school

  4. Wow well done you guys….I love it your in Antarctica at last….Chris hopefully they have let you bring a kite with you good luck,stay safe….and have fun.
    Say hello to the Met guys at Novo from the Met guys at Halley base
    Craig antarctic kiter x x


  5. Good look Leo it’s going to be an even whiter for you and your team merry Christmas for the 25.

    Ben deakin westfield community school

  6. Best of luck boys take care , enjoy your adventure and be succesful ! Cant wait to see the movie ! Phil

    Phill Brown

  7. Hi Jason and the rest of the team. Hope you all have a fantastic (and safe) experience. Will be keeping an eye on the blog to find out what you are up to!

    Jennifer & Peter

  8. Hi Jason & the team
    Well done and congratulations.
    Hope you are all safe and well and have enjoyed your adventure.
    Bye for now
    Kath & Kevin xx

    kath & kevin

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