Thermal Innovations

Keeping you warm is what we do. The five Berghaus technologies that have changed the world of insulation.

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  • Pioneered first by Berghaus in 2011
  • Specially coated natural-down that repels water
  • Keeps you dryer and warmer, for longer

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Offset Baffle Construction

  • Pioneered first by Berghaus in 2012
  • Massively boosts warmth and avoids any cold spots found in
    simple stitch-through construction
  • Lighter and more flexible

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  • Light synthetic fibres that mimic natural down
  • Stays warm, even when wet
  • Breathable and fast drying

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Body Mapping

  • Pioneered first by Berghaus is 2012
  • Helps to keeps you warm, without adding weight
  • Reduces bulk and improves mobility

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Reflect Technology

  • Pioneered first by Berghaus is 2016
  • Offers new levels of breathability and heat return
  • Adds additional warmth with virtually no weight increase