What is Hydrodown?

Water-repellent. Warm. Revolutionary. It’s down like no other, by Berghaus.

For those wild and wintry adventures. Or just a day in the park.
Our Hydrodown® technology will keep you warm and comfortable.

Image showing how hydrodown keeps heat in and water out

Traditional down is useless when wet. Get soaked and it’ll collapse into a sludgy mess. Hydrodown® repels water, which means your kit stays puffy and you’ll stay warm in the rain, the snow, whatever. The key is our innovative treatment of natural goose and duck down. A special coating creates hydrophobic down clusters that won’t collapse when wet. We like to think of it as suped-up down insulation.

Hydrodown® comes in different fill levels. The higher the number, the greater warmth-to-weight ratio you’ll get. Which means we can tailor your kit to your exact needs.