What is Hydroshell?

Waterproof. Breathable. Lightweight. And really, really comfortable.

Stay drier for longer. But what really sets our Hydroshell® technology apart is how it feels on the skin: comfy, not clammy.

Image showing how hydroshell technology works with fabrics


Lots of waterproof fabrics keep you dry – at first. Our technology goes further.

With an ultralight two-layer construction, it’ll keep you drier for longer, while letting air flow freely.

From everyday trekkers to mountain adventurers, we’ve got you covered..

Hydroshell® Elite

Created with hiking and rocky activities in mind, Hydroshell® Elite has a high waterproof rating and storm-level protection for those particularly nasty days.

But it’s the soft lining you’ll notice first. And whenever you break out into a sweat, the odour-resistant technology kicks in. Sweet.

Hydroshell® Elite

Mountaineering? Climbing? Hydroshell® Elite is for anyone who wants to stay bone-dry. Or would like greater durability on their adventure. And lightness while on the go.

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