The People

We want to get more people into the outdoors. And here’s how.

Team Berghaus

Our home’s in the North-East of England and we take care of the people in it. It’s where our team designs, prototypes, and tests all of our kit. There’s subsidised gym access and online mental wellbeing tools, plus regular employee hikes where we test out our own gear. We also minimise travel by encouraging our team members to walk, cycle, car-share, or use public transport, and our company fleet features lower-emission vehicles.


The outdoors is for everyone. That’s why we work with and extended family of real communities and curate their experiences. Our very own Haus guests, inspiring more of us to get outside.

Ethical Trading

We’re members of several global organisations, like the Ethical Trading Initiative (among others) which work to address modern slavery. We strive to build a fair and transparent supply chain that protects workers’ rights and improves working conditions, as well as implementing ethical standards and practices to protect the basic human rights of everyone working with us.

Positive Business Report

Get the best view on everything we’re doing for the people we work with.