What is

Wet outside? Stay dry. It’s that simple.

In 1990, we used GORE-TEX linings to put an end to soggy feet.

And after seeing what they could do for a humble pair of socks, we started using them elsewhere.

We were the first to use GORE-TEX materials in outdoor kit – jackets and footwear. And we haven’t stopped since. Because it’s great stuff.

How GORE-TEX kit works

GORE-TEX membranes have the tiniest of tiny holes, 20,000x smaller than a water droplet. And there are a nifty nine billion holes per square inch.
They’re too small for rain to seep through, but water vapour can still escape.
The result? Waterproof. You don’t get soaked, and you get less sweaty. And it’s windproof, so you’re comfy no matter the weather.
Plus, every GORE-TEX product comes with the GUARANTEED TO KEEP YOU DRY™ promise. The capital letters mean business – if the gear doesn’t keep you dry, you’ll get it fixed, replaced, or your money back.

Kit me out

GORE-TEX Pro gear

The Pro range is all about performance. These fabrics are made of even sterner stuff. More rugged, more durable, this gear will keep you dry in torrential downpours and bitter, icy storms. They also keep you warmer when you stop to rest – even in the most challenging conditions.


If it’s not raining – GORE-TEX WINDSTOPPER™ kit is what you need. It’ll keep you comfy and warm – and help you be at your best. Great for trail running. Dry-day mountaineering. Or just as an extra layer of warmth if you need to hit the shops in a blizzard.

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