What is Argentium?

Silver ions that keep you fresh. Only from Berghaus.

Silver’s more famous in jewellery. Or cutlery. But we think first of Argentium® – an alloy we use in some of our kit.

It’s light, flexible, and – nothing personal – helps you smell less, too.
Plus, you won’t find it elsewhere. Argentium® is a Berghaus special.

You’re going to sweat. It’s only natural.

With Argentium® fabric, you can huff and puff while staying cooler.

It draws moisture away from your body to keep you feeling fresh – and stops odours hanging around.

We mostly use Argentium® in baselayer clothing, where it adds almost no weight at all.

And since it’s so light, it dries quickly if you get caught in a shower.

The need-to-know