7 January, 2013

Everyday Adventurer – Introducing Mark Waring

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Everyday Adventurers, Mark Waring

Everyday Adventurer – Introducing Mark Waring

Two words, ‘everyday’ and ‘adventurer’. Describe with further words, the Greek heavyweights perhaps of ‘oxymoron’ and ‘paradox’, and you’ve the proposition that ‘everyday’ and ‘adventurer’ are just not suited. They are the odd couple, bound together in a marriage of convenience. ‘Everyday’ screams grinding routine, the polar opposite of  the shiny commodity of ‘adventure’ with its connotations of risk or danger.

I’m rooted in the everyday camp, like most. Work, commuting and family create an irresistible daily pattern that keeps me there; just running to stand still. I am in a time of life as well where everything is pretty much settled and defined and for the greater part it suits me that way. A little seasoning to the everyday is needed though and that’s what a smattering of adventure can bring. It’s about  fun and excitement but in my stodgy middle years I need more than ever a sense of exploration and a testing of my own personal limits.

I’m a walker and a runner, common pursuits undertaken by many. Both are vital activities that I need to get through my ‘everyday’, to stay healthy and energised, and occasionally to keep the ‘black dog’ at bay. Beyond that the opportunity presents itself a few times a year to really immerse myself in ‘adventure’. Perhaps it’s context and place that define that but for me, grounded mostly in the ‘everyday’, there’s also occasional  discomfort coupled with some challenge and at moments risk.

I’ll write about a couple of things over my brief tenure as Berghaus’ guest blogger.  I’m a backpacker principally but dabble in a bit of ‘ultra-running’ as well (I’m middle of the pack;  I’ll finish a hundred miler with a smile on my face but I’m there principally for the views, surreal conversations with fellow competitors after 24 plus hours of no sleep and whatever’s to eat at the next checkpoint).  I’m keen to try and pass this all on to my children as well. The outdoors, it’s beauty and challenge, stimulates and sooths me. I want them to feel that too.

You’ve got the personal manifesto above so please hang on. I’ll say a little about backpacking, running and simply being outdoors with the family. So come back and have a read and perhaps comment on what I have to say. We might even reach a conclusion as to the nature of adventure itself!

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