Our award-winning Colourkind technology is kinder to the environment you love to explore.

Traditional dyeing processes are highly water intensive involving soaking the uncoloured yarn in vats of water, dyes and fixing agents, often at high pressures and temperatures, before washing off the residues with more water and cleaning agents. This process is energy intensive and generates large amounts of contaminated waste water which have to be treated, and if not managed well can end up being released to the environment.

By turning the colouring process on its head our Colourkind fabrics eliminate these water, energy and chemical intensive steps. Instead, pigments are added directly to the nylon or polyester chips before they are spun into yarn, reducing CO2 emissions and chemical use by 60% each while reducing the about of water required by an incredible 90%.

On top of that, because the colour goes all the way through the fabric rather than sitting on the outside, your products will not fade so your Colourkind gear will always look bright and new; better for you and the environment!