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Berghaus Customer Service


Berghaus Repairhaus

Our free repair service keeps your kit going over land, not into it. We cant replace our planet, but we can do our best to repair it.

So how does it work?


We make tough, long-lasting gear that goes the distance, but if it ever needs it, we’ll repair it as many times as we possibly can, free of charge whether you bought it from us, our stockists, or even if it’s a hand-me-down.

We don’t care how old, how worn, or how weathered it is or even how many times we’ve fixed it before. We’ll repair your kit for free if we can, so you can reuse not replace, and together we can help fight climate change.

Getting started is simple, fill in the form below and we’ll be in touch to let you know whether a fix is a go-er. If it is, send it in – we’ll repair it and get it back to you as good as new within a couple of weeks.

If we can’t repair it, we’ve got a couple of options up our sleeve. If it’s still within guarantee and you’ve got proof of purchase, we’ll replace it. If it’s outside of guarantee, we’ll offer you a discount off your next piece of Berghaus kit. With both options (and your permission) we’ll re-use your kit to fix other repairs, keeping it going over land, not into it.

Keeping your kit going over land, not into it.

Need a repair?

Just fill in the form and we’ll email you with all the info to fix your kit.

Meet the team

Our Repairhaus team works from of our Sunderland HQ, where we’ve got all the equipment and materials on hand to repair your outdoor gear.

Repairhaus Jason


For nearly two decades Jason’s been delivering our warranty and repair service. He knows our gear back to front and front to back.  Happiest when he’s working with great kit and great people, he’ll leave no stone unturned to get your kit back to you tip-top. He came up with the name Repairhaus too – top guy! 

Repairhaus Jason


You’ll find Femke in our Sample Room, knee deep in materials and fabrics and components, developing new patterns, fit constructions and working up ready-to-go samples that we can test, test and test. The toughest repairs, the ones that you’ve really done a number on, will have Femke’s name written all over ‘em.

Repairhaus Jason


Think of Kelly as our triage department. She assesses whether a repair is possible and makes sure that anything that isn’t repairable can be re-used or recycled to keep it going and going and going (you get the gist!). Not content with keeping stuff going, Kelly also keeps our stuff getting better by folding all our learnings into new product development.

Repairhaus Jason


Making sure our products are built with performance, quality and durability in mind is Jon’s bread and butter. He works on kit long before it hits the market, testing it to within an inch of its life to make sure it performs. That stuff keeps him busy which means he doesn't tend to get his hands dirty on repairs but, he's the gaffer so we thought it best we include his mugshot on here. 

Frequently Asked Questions

How does it work?

Fill in the request form and we’ll email you with all the info you need; including an assessment of whether your product is repairable, where to send it, what to include, how long it will take and exactly what we’ll do. If we can’t repair it, we’ll either replace it or give you money off a new piece of Berghaus to use on Berghaus.com. Just keep an eye on your inbox.

Are there any restrictions?

The general rule of thumb is that if your kit is currently available on our website, we can typically repair it. There are some items, tents specifically, that we won’t be able to fix. These are only available from specific stockists, who have processes in place to manage these bigger, bulky items. So although we won’t be able to fix them, check with your point of purchase, it might still be under guarantee in which case, you’ll be covered.

Is it free?

Yes, our fixes are all 100% free, but you will be expected to send your kit by recorded delivery at your own cost.

If, however, you bought your product from Berghaus.com and it’s less than six months old, we’ll cover your postage cost.

How long does it take to get my kit fixed?

Every repair is unique, some quick and some (our favourites) are a bit fiddlier. But we aim to have every repair returned within 21 working days of receiving it. Don’t worry, we’ll keep you in the loop and drop you an email with any updates.

Do all the repairs happen at Berghaus HQ?

Yes. Well, most of them do, but if you’ve really done a number on your Berghaus kit we might have to call in our specialist partners; Lancashire Sports Repairs. But don’t worry, we’ll inspect it before we send it back to you, making sure every fix is Berghaus quality.

How should I send in my kit?

We have just two rules for repair – send your kit to us clean, and via tracked delivery. Easy.

What kind of things can you repair?

Good question. We love a good challenge, and a good fix. And we’ll always do our best to repair your kit, whatever the state of it. Some of our more routine repairs include renewing zips, patching small tears or holes, minor stitching and re-taping jobs or re-bonding sole units. So, whether it’s a simple patch job, or some heavy welding work, get in touch, with as much info as possible and we’ll see what we can do.

What kind of things fall outside of a repair?

Even with our best efforts, some kit is beyond the scope of repair. The bits we don’t fix are stain removals, reproofing, dying materials, cigarette or other burns and any damage that can come from improper storage or care – that stuff is usually pretty irreversible. We always assess each case before you send in your kit, so get in touch and we’ll let you know what we can do.

Is there anything we can’t guarantee as part of the repairs service?

We can’t always guarantee a like for like match with new fabrics and colours, especially if your kit’s been beaten about the bush a fair bit. But we’re inventive, and we’ve got a good eye; so, we’ll always do our best to get a good colour match.

If a product can’t be repaired, what happens?

Every bit of kit we make has a guaranteed lifespan; an expected amount of time your gear will last (years normally). If your kit still falls within its expected product lifespan and can’t be repaired, we will replace it with the same piece or the nearest equivalent, if you have proof of purchase. If your product is outside of its guaranteed lifespan, and you can’t find the proof of purchase, we’ll give you 30% off your next bit of Berghaus kit and use your old kit to fix others, with your permission of course. Full details on our guaranteed product lifespan can be found here.

So what actually is proof of purchase?

The original receipt, or a copy of your bank statement with the transaction. If you’ve checked every cupboard and pocket and still can’t find it, we will assess your kit, including when we first manufactured it, and determine our what repair or discount you might be eligible for.

What are the guaranteed timeframes / lifespan of product?

Our guaranteed product lifespans aren’t set in stone, because we know it depends on a few factors, like how often you use it. But broadly speaking:

· Base layers, legwear, mid layers, day packs and accessories = up to 2 years

· Down jackets, walking boots, mid to large sized backpacks and sleeping bags = up to 4 years

· Waterproof jackets and Gore-Tex pieces = up to 6 years

You can see the full list here.

What happens to my kit if it can’t be repaired?

If we can’t repair your kit, we’d love to keep it to help fix other pieces, but only with your permission of course. Let’s keep kit going over land, not into it.

Is there somewhere I can read about full T&Cs

Yep, we’ve have popped all our favourite bedtime reading in the T&C section of our website, you can see the information on Repairhaus here.