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Berghaus size guide for equipment including rucksacks



At Berghaus, we believe that it's really important for your clothing to fit well. All of our products are designed to perform, and because we make products for a wide range of activities not every product will fit in quite the same way. Our size chart measurements are set out here; these refer to body size rather than the products, so you can work out what product size you will be.


At Berghaus we know that getting the right fit of a rucksack is really important.

To help us tailor the fit of our backsystems our range is built around three types of fit system.

Each of these three systems have a variety of benefits that are relevant to the end uses that the rucksack is used for.



  Size 1 2 3 4  
  Back length (cms) 34-40 38-43 43-48 48-54  
  Typical height (feet/inches) 5'0"-5'5" 5'3"-5'8" 5'8"-5'11" 6'0"-6'6"  
  Typical height (cms) 153-165 160-173 170-183 183-198  

Additional information

Our sized backsystem include the world renowned Cyclops system and the newer Fusion 3 system. Both systems are available in a variety of sizes that give a more tailored fit for the individual, but without the addition of the mechanics required to build an adjustable system.

This simple and light approach makes the sized systems ideal for more rugged environments and longer duration trips where resupply is difficult and where you are likely to be carrying heavy loads perhaps in excess of 20kg.




  Size Men Women
  Back length (cms) 16.5 14.5
42 37
  Back length 20.5 18.5
52 47
  Typical height (cms) 5'5" - 6'6" 5'1" - 5'10"
165 - 198 154 - 182

Additional information

Our adjustable systems are based around the principle that one size can fit all. The backlength of the adjustable system can be varied to achieve a great fit on almost all sizes of people.

Adjustability is built into the Bioflex, Bioflex Light, Biofit, A-Trek & the larger Freeflow packs. These multiple systems allow us flexibility in designing rucksacks for different end uses and for a wide variety of loads.

Back length for Adjustable Systems (Bioflex, Bioflex Light, Biofit, A-Trek & Freeflow)

Back length is measured from the top of the hip bone to the apex of the shoulder (following the curvature of the body).



    Unisex Womens
  Rucksack backlength (cm) 45 41

* Our rucksacks with a one size system are manufactured with a backlength of 45cm (unisex) or 41cm (womens). This allows the packs to fit the maximum number of people.