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When heading to the great outdoors, Berghaus understands that the fit of your clothing is everything. Our waterproof jackets are designed with movement in mind, allowing you to engage in a wide range of activities with ease, no matter how vigorous. Each of our Berghaus men and women’s waterproof jackets will fit differently so it’s important to find the right piece of protective clothing that accommodates all of your outdoor requirements.

You can determine what kind of fit you will need by using our men and women’s size chart measurements which refer to body size rather than by product so you can judge what size you will need based on your own shape and height. Our Berghaus waterproof jackets are individually engineered to endure various types of weather and stress depending on their material and design so ensuring you have the correct fit will make all the difference in performance for each scenario.


Our waterproof jackets are cut differently across a number of styles and are designed with some small but specific variations for men and women. Berghaus group all of their products into three main categories; Technical Fit, Active Fit and Relaxed Fit to help outdoor lovers determine their own jacket style.

When purchasing a waterproof jacket, you will need to consider that each jacket is designed to be worn as part of a layered structure. This means that you will need to account for the layers worn underneath as each jacket gives a better performance when used with the correct accompanying kit.


Berghaus recommend that when trying on your waterproof jacket, you ensure that the jacket is long enough to cover your lower back when you lift both arms and that cuffs cover the tops of your hands; particularly for cyclists. This will ensure that your lower back and hands are not exposed to rain, wind or cold weather as well as helping to stop rain entering the jacket and wetting the clothing worn underneath.

Technical Fit

When performing an outdoor activity such as climbing or hiking, freedom of movement will be essential for arms and shoulders. A Technical Fit is the best option for performance as it holds close to the body and allows you to wear a combination of clothing layers.

Bulky, loose-fitting jackets can also seriously restrict movement and let in rainwater so it’s important to opt for a fit which will enable you to move with ease and layer effectively for maximum comfort.

Active Fit

By definition, an Active Fit is neither ‘body hugging’ nor ‘baggy’, serving as the perfect middle ground between the Technical and Relaxed fits that Berghaus offer. Berghaus would recommend a slightly larger fit than what you are used to in order to give enough room within the jacket for appropriate layers and movement. Jackets which are too tight can hinder the jacket’s performance and cause damage to the jacket in the process. If you’re particularly active, it is also useful to consider how the jacket will fit if you will be wearing a backpack as the weight may put a strain on the seams and fabrics, causing tears and a reduction in the performance of the waterproof finish.

Relaxed Fit

A Relaxed Fit is the best option for casual, everyday use as it will provide an ultra-comfortable fit and feel which will keep you warm and dry thanks to its waterproof properties.


Berghaus’ men’s waterproof jackets are designed to withstand the elements no matter how harsh the conditions. When searching for a men’s waterproof jacket, it’s important to remember that our size guides refer to body size rather than by product so that you can apply this scale to whichever style of jacket you are looking at. Berghaus would always recommend a slightly looser Active Fit to accommodate wider shoulders and chest as well as a longer length to ensure that the lower back is not exposed.

Performance clothing should work with the natural movements of the body, not against it so it is important to strike the balance between a waterproof jacket which is too tight and one which is too loose. Consider how the item will fit when worn alone and with layers as well as how easily you can move.


  Chest Inches 33 - 35 36 - 38 39 - 41 42 - 44 45 - 47 48 - 50 51 - 53
Centimetres 84 - 89 91 - 97 99 - 104 106 - 112 114 - 120 122 - 127 129 - 135
  Arm Length Inches 32.5 33 34 35 36 36.5 37
Centimetres 82.5 84 86.5 89 91.5 93 94
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Women’s waterproof jackets are cut slightly differently to men’s as they tend to have a more tailored fit. These will likely have slightly shorter arms and a wider width across the hips to work alongside the proportions of the body. Berghaus create their women’s waterproof jackets with high performance in mind so that you can take full advantage of their protective waterproof properties, durable fit and breathable structure.

If you are searching for a jacket for hiking, cycling or climbing, choose a jacket with a Technical Fit which will allow freedom of movement and can be used easily and efficiently within a layering system. If a protective, waterproof jacket is being used for walking, camping or other prolonged periods of outdoor activity, you may find that a looser, Active Fit or Relaxed Fit is more appropriate for laying for warmth and dryness.


UK/USA/EU   8 10 12 14 16 18 20
Chest inches 32 34 36 38 40 42 44
cm 81 86 91 96 101 106 112
Arm Length inches 28.5 29 30 30.5 31.5 32 32
cm 72.5 74 76 78 80 81.5 81.5

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