Anna's Packing list

Anna is travelling self-supported, carrying only what she can fit on her back and on her bike. Space and weight are limited, so the challenge is packing everything she needs for a multi-week climbing trip….but taking as little as possible!

With vital climbing equipment taking up most of the room, she’s down to just the essential camping gear and a few changes of clothes, and will stock up on food along the way.

See Anna’s full packing list below.




Climbing Harness

Dinner Set

4x Berghaus Base layers

40 Meters of 7.5mm Climbing Rope

Foldable Cups

1x Berghaus Hyper 100 waterproof

Dyneema Climbing Slings Various Sizes

First Aid Kit

1x Cycling Shorts

DMM Walnuts


1x Buff

DMM Alloy Offsets

Cooking Pan

2x Berghaus Shorts

Dragon Cams

Gas Cylinders

1 x Berghaus leggings

Gri Gri


1x Quick Dry Towel

DMM Pivot Belay Plates

Sleeping Bag

1x Berghaus Changste Waterproof Jacket

Nut Key

Thermarest sleeping pad

1x Berghaus Down Jacket

Micro Traction’s

Travel Pillow

1x La Sportiva Muira Climbing Shoes

Petzl Connect Adjust

1x Gloves

Screw Gates

1x Cycling Helmet

DMM Phantom Quick Draws

1x Climbing Rucksack