Nature can be tough on even the toughest clothing. So when the elements do their worst, we bring out our best — the Repairhaus team.

Our Sunderland-based crew know your gear better than you do — hard to believe, we know — and are on hand to stitch every rip and replace every zip. For free. Good for you. Great for the planet.

Getting the Job Done

We'll always do our best to repair your worn and weathered Berghaus items, no matter how many times they need it. For free. Here’s how we do it.

And if we can’t fix it?

Some adventures are too big even for our repairs team. If they feel your item may have come to the end of its life, we have two options. The first, a replacement if your product is within guarantee. If it’s not, with your permission, we’ll upcycle it and give you 30% off something new.

Behind the Repairs: The Repairhaus Process

Get to know the place, people and process that ensure your item is returned to near-mint condition, ready to battle the elements once more.
Woman looking at repair

The Start, Sunderland

Repairs have been at the heart of our brand since we started in 1966. From day one, we’ve engineered durable, long-lasting gear designed to endure Mother Nature’s worst. Maybe it’s our Northern roots, but we’ve always believed that good-quality gear should be repaired, not replaced — keeping it going over land not into it. That’s why, way back in the 60s, we had a repair room above our first shop. Today, the Repairhaus team are at the heart of our studio in Sunderland. Sure, there are some new faces and the helping hand of advancing technology, but the ethos is the same — keep your gear going the distance.

Woman repairing item

In Great Hands

It’s good to put a face to your fix. Our dedicated team have years of experience between them and will do their best to get you back out there in the elements.

Man and Women looking on how to match colours to repair products

The Plan

Pitching in with their wide range of individual specialties, from renewing zips to re-bonding sole units, our team work together to come up with the best solution to fix your item. Then they get stuck in. What they learn along the way trickles back into our manufacturing process, to ensure that our designs go from strength to strength. So no matter what mother nature throws at you, you feel ready to take it on.

Repair getting ready to be sent out in box

Job’s a Good’un.

When the repair is done, we’ll package your item up and send it back to you. Dead easy.

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