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The Ultimate Guide to Waterproof Jackets

Waterproof technology has come a long way since the first mass-produced waterproof jackets. These days there’s no ‘one-jacket-suits-all’ approach, and we’re proud to create clothing made specifically for different athletic types, activities and climates. When setting out to purchase a new jacket it's well worth doing a bit of research to find the right one for you. Considering where you’ll be wearing it, as well as the fitting and technology behind different waterproof jackets, will help you make a purchase that will help your performance as much as your fitness or any other piece of equipment. We’ve included everything you need to know about waterproof jackets below; including guides to taking care of your purchase, ensuring it keeps performing at its best long into the future.


Why buy a Waterproof Jacket from Berghaus?

Steeped in history and heritage and the choice of world class athletes across the globe, discover why the Berghaus brand remains at the forefront of innovation over half a century since we made our first waterproof jacket.

Waterproof FAQs

From washing, proofing and layering, find the answers to all the waterproof jacket questions you always wanted to know.


Waterproofing Explained

Our guide to the simple science behind waterproofing will help you find the right waterproof jacket for you and your favoured activity.

Breathability Explained

Selecting a waterproof jacket with the right level of breathability for your activity will help you perform at your best and really make the most of your time outdoors.

Weight and Durability Explained

Get to know about the importance of different weights and levels of durability and you’ll be sure to find a waterproof jacket to match your requirements, at the right price.

Buying Guide

With the advancement of technology, navigating your way through the many choices you have when it comes to waterproof jackets can seem like a huge task. Our buying guide simplifies the process into the various fabrics used and the activities they’ve been created for.


Waterproof Jackets: Size Guide

The right fit is just as important as the right kit when it comes to waterproof jackets.

The Perfect Layering System

Keeping warm, dry and comfortable throughout your chosen activity is an art form in itself. There’s no one-size-fits-all layering system but our expert guide shows you how to adopt a layering system that’s right for you and your body’s requirements, from base layers to waterproof jackets and beyond.


How to Wash your Waterproof Jacket

Caring, washing and re-proofing – a little TLC for your waterproof jacket goes a long way, keeps it performing at its best and ensures it will serve you well, long into the future.

Nikwax Waterproof Aftercare

Reproofing your jacket is essential after time – find out how with Nikwax.


Berghaus Waterproof Innovation History

Find everything you need to know about Berghaus’ major contribution to the history of waterproofing innovation.

Fun Stats and Misconceptions

From early waterproof jackets made of seal intestines to the reasons why aquatic birds like cormorants hold their wings out to dry, read our fun stats and misconceptions about waterproof jackets here.

Waterproof Jacket Awards

There’s a reason why so many world class athletes choose Berghaus to help protect them from the elements across the world. Read about some of the awards our jackets have earned here.


Our selection of waterproof jackets have been crafted to tackle everything the world’s worst weather can throw at you. Scroll through to learn more.


Hydroshell is an advanced waterproof technology from Berghaus, designed and guaranteed to keep you drier for longer, whatever your adventure.


The innovative technology of Gore-tex has been used by Berghaus on our waterproof jackets for over 30 years – discover why it remains the choice of the professionals here.


Innovative technology loved by walkers, trekkers and casual outdoor lovers.


Learn everything about our lightweight, soft shell Pertex technology, ideal for waterproof jackets where optimum movement is required.


Learn all about Durable Water Repellent technology, an essential fabric coating used on Berghaus’ waterproof jackets and trousers.