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Pertex is one of the innovative fabrics used at Berghaus to make our waterproof jackets reliable in the great outdoors. With a history spanning back 30 years, Pertex is designed to be light, strong and reliable making it the perfect addition to Berghaus’ range of waterproof technologies.

At Berghaus, we use a number of Pertex materials to give our men and women’s waterproof jackets the exact level of outdoor waterproof protection required. Created as a tightly woven synthetic fabric that’s structured to repel water, Pertex is the ideal technology for waterproof jackets. Its lightweight properties or ‘soft shell’ also make it comfortable and easy to move in for activities such as walking, hiking, camping and cycling.

At Berghaus we tailor our choice of Pertex materials to each of our products and test its endurance based on the rigours we think each product will undergo. You can discover more about each of our Pertex products and technologies below.


Key features

Pertex Quantum

Pertex Quantum is an award winning product within the Pertex range. Quantum offers significant weight reduction without sacrificing strength and abrasion resistance. This makes Pertex Quantum ideal for vigorous outdoor activities such as walking, running and cycling where optimum movement combined with waterproof protection is required.

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Pertex Quantum GL

Pertex Quantum GL is the most advanced fabric ever created. Designed as a next stage evolution of their award winning Pertex Quantum fabric, GL is precisely woven using an incredibly-fine yarn of 10 denier or less. This means that the fabric and the products created using this are nanolight at less than 25 g/m2 (0.75 ox/yd2) making Pertex Quantum GL one of the most lightweight fabrics in the outdoor industry.

Pertex Endurance

Pertex Endurance technology is perfectly designed to provide waterproof protection in outdoor conditions due to its ultra-thin air permeable coating. Used primarily in waterproof jackets and sleeping bags to withstand harsh, wet and windy conditions, this innovative layer protects the insulation materials from the elements to maintain loft and retain warmth for longer.

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Pertex Microlight

A lightweight waterproof jacket, offering weight reduction whilst maintaining a balance of strength and abrasion resistance.

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