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Lightweight breathable protection

Developed by Berghaus as part of their innovative waterproof technologies, AQ™ is a tried and tested fabric which has been specially designed to keep your warm and comfortable thanks to its advanced waterproof properties.

AQ™2 is the latest version of this well-thought out fabric and offers high level waterproofing as well as breathability to wearers, keeping you protected from the elements whether you’re out trekking hills or on your everyday commute.

Berghaus’ AQ™2 fabric is an original creation which provides the required breathability and waterproofing that all adventurers need to regulate body temperature and stay dry. Berghaus understands how important good equipment is and you can be sure that AQ™2 will give you the durability and high performance that you need from outdoor clothing.

Fully utilised in many of Berghaus’ waterproof jackets, the AQ™2 fabrics are a popular choice for walkers, trekkers and casual outdoor lovers thanks to their lightweight but effectively waterproof finishes. Perfect for use with a layering system, the AQ™2 fabric is one of the best ways to stay protected against the elements.


Key features


Stay dry with the AQ Waterproof technology which is specially engineered to repel water and prevent soaking, keeping all garments worn underneath dry and comfortable. Berghaus tests all of our innovative waterproof jackets and technologies using hydrostatic heads (water columns) of 10,000mm pressures and more to deter leaks and guarantee dryness.

The result is a waterproof fabric that can withstand everything from light rain and heavier showers, keeping the wearer dry even during the most prolonged exposure to wet outdoor weather. Fully designed to keep you dry from the harshest conditions, AQ™2 is used with Berghaus’ waterproof jackets so you can layer up and set out on your adventure without fuss.

Layering is essential so make sure you swot up on the layering system with our guide.


Not only is AQ™2 an advanced waterproof technology, it is also designed with expert-level breathability too. In cold wet conditions it is still vital for skin to breathe; especially when carrying out outdoor walks or hikes that draw physical sweat and strain from the body.

Berghaus ensure that you stay cool, warm and dry by designing their AQ™2 waterproof jackets to be equipped with just the right amount of ventilation that stops the body from overheating or rapidly cooling.

We measure our breathability on how quickly moisture vapour from the body is able to pass through the fabrics on our waterproof jackets and apply this to the creation of our AQ™2 materials. The more intense the activity you perform, the more likely it is that breathability will be an important factor in your Jacket Selection at Berghaus. Prepare for your next adventure with Berghaus’ AQ™2

In addition to breathability, you can learn more about thea weight and durability of our waterproof jackets or visit our waterproof hub for more information.