The Gear Loft Series – Sir Chris Bonington

Chris Bonington poses infront of his gear

A Reflection of My Life

In this video series, Sir Chris Bonington rummages through his gear loft and shares the memories attached to his favourite pieces of kit.

Something I’d never give away

This piece of kit brings back Everest memories to Sir Chris.

One of the most important pieces

“I might well have had this on Kongur which I climbed in 1981”

My favourite walking boot

“If we ever stopped doing Explorer boots then I’d never give them away”

That piece of kit that you just can’t part with

We all have a piece of kit that we just can’t part with.

Versatile and functional

Once upon a time before Hydrodown…

The coldest conditions I’ve ever been in

Even by Ulvetanna standards I suspect it was cold.

One of the best trips I’ve ever been on

Sir Chris finds his GORE-TEX one piece!

It’s about the emotional connection

How I formed my partnership with Berghaus.

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