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Meet the inspiring female ‘city-to-nature’ collective

Championing a female ‘city-to-nature’ collective of inspiring multidisciplinary members, our latest SS23 lifestyle campaign celebrates the women who understand and harness the power of nature through their work and art.

The featured collection brings contemporary cuts, colour, and comfort, while performance fabrics keep things soft, lightweight, and breathable. It’s lifestyle wear ready for any wilderness or city adventure.

“The great outdoors has always been a space for adventure and exploration, but more recently it’s becoming a space that women feel welcomed to be a part of.

That’s why a focus on empowering women to explore and conquer the outdoors is so important, to break down barriers and inspire others to get outside and experience the beauty of nature.

Isabelle Landchino is one of the inspiring women leading the charge. As a stylist and micro-influencer, Isabelle uses her platform to raise awareness about environmentalism and conscious fashion, as well as advocating for racial and social justice. With a unique style, which blends city street-style with outdoor wear, Isabelle believes that the outdoors is a space for everyone, regardless of gender, and is passionate about empowering other women to get outside and explore.

Eliza May Jackson is another woman who is making waves in the outdoor industry. As a model, DJ, and personal trainer, Eliza brings her love of fitness and movement to the outdoors. She’s a truly inspirational all-rounder with many strings to her bow, who knows that the outdoors is a space where women can challenge themselves physically and mentally, and she’s passionate about encouraging other women to push their boundaries and conquer their fears.

Jenna Anne Nathan is a dancer, model, and poet who finds inspiration in the natural world. Whether it’s dancing barefoot outside or taking spontaneous road trips to Cornwall from the city, Jenna knows that nature is a way of life. Jenna believes that the outdoors is a space where women can connect with their bodies, minds, and spirits, and is passionate about inspiring other women to explore and find their own path.

Tania Dimbololo is a dancer, contortionist, model, and actor who communicates narratives and discourses through her fusion of contemporary dance and contortionism. Tania believes that the outdoors is a space where women can express themselves freely and authentically, and is passionate about empowering other women to find their own voice and push their boundaries.

Together, these women are unlocking access to nature and the outdoors for women everywhere. They’re proving that the great outdoors is a space for everyone, regardless of gender, and that women have a unique perspective and voice to bring to the table. By breaking down stereotypes and encouraging women to push their boundaries, they’re creating a more equitable and vibrant outdoor community for all.

Let’s challenge ourselves, push our boundaries, and explore the beauty of nature. Let’s be fearless, authentic, and unapologetically ourselves.

Because when we do, we’re not just empowering ourselves – we’re empowering others to do the same.”



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