Meet Rhiannon Barry

Rihannon is a London-based freelance stylist and archive collector known for co-founding Wavey Garms. Rhiannon (@rhiannon_isabel) is also the founder of NinetyFly where she has worked with global brands and to rebuild brand archives sourcing rare pieces from decades past. Rhiannon features in the AW21 Dean Street campaign which was directed by her pals at Dukes Cupboard. We headed over to her studio for a natter, read on for archive outerwear chat.

Talk to us about Ninety Fly, and what made you start it?

I would go raves kitted out and always had people asking me where I bought my old skool clobber. No one really caught onto eBay so I was picking up rare bits at next to nothing.

I would meet people at raves and they would ask me to get some clothes, and if I was going to a rave that following weekend (was quite a community of ravers then, we would all go same raves on weekends).

So I would spend my week finding bits online, then meet them in the club toilets the following week and sell whatever I had. Proper del boy, I know. I got quite a name for myself and got bored of doing toilet meet-ups, so I decided to start a page to sell everything on a platform.

Instagram just started, so I really was one of the first people who started selling stuff online; a year after this, my brother and I began Wavey Garms. We set up a FB page where people could buy/sell ‘Wavey Garms’ I guess the rest is history.

Why do you think the 80s and 90s was such a great time for design?

My archive inspires me daily, from waking up in the morning and getting dressed, I dress to my mood. If shooting, I usually dress in loose/comfy clothing. So I would whack on a jacket and build the rest of my outfit around that and the era.

If I’m feeling flash, I would put on a vintage-coloured fur jacket and put some Lil Kim music on to get me in the zone, lol! My studio is my dream space that I have curated for myself and others to get inspired. The walls are painted clouds, a tribute to my fav designer Franco Moschino.

 How does product inspire you and your day-to-day?

I have all my beautiful designer clothes hanging on display. Walking into this space been surrounded by so much colour / crazy prints/fur coats gets me excited.

I have been collecting for almost 12 years now, and I’m already outgrowing my space. Most of my jobs that I get booked for are a throwback 90’s shoot, and I can almost do a whole music video dressing artists and cast using all my collections.

Tell us a little bit about your first memory of Berghaus

For the AW21 Dean Street campaign, we teamed up with Duke’s Cupboard who directed our AW21 campaign featuring with two faces from their close-knit community. NinetyFly & Wavey Garmz founder Rihannon Barry and artist Marcus Jefferson discuss their own experiences with Berghaus, zeroing in on its importance within street style and intercity life. Hit the links below to dive into more Dean Street content.



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